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The Meta ‘Super Rumble’ game is the first of many next-gen Horizon Worlds VR titles

Meta just released a new game for Horizon Worlds called Super Rumble and this game is unlike any other released for the social VR app. Formerly known as Titanborne in beta, Super Rumble is the first game from Meta’s in-house studio, Ouro Interactive. It could also herald a new era for the Horizon Worlds platform, manifesting in experiences with better graphics and more complex gameplay. Vishal Shah, Vice President of Metaverse at Meta, called the shooter “more than just a new world” and
described it as “the next generation of Horizon Worlds” to Lowpass ‘s Janko Roettgers.

Roettgers said everyone he beta played with “seemed impressed with the level of fidelity the game offers.” Apparently that’s because it’s built using imported objects, assets, and textures, which was not possible in the past.Shah said Meta has rebuilt the underlying technology of the VR platform to give it the ability to support higher quality games and allow developers to import assets created using a third-party engine. father. According to the report, the company has given Ouro and several partners the ability to use the
import feature so they can develop new Horizon Worlds games that will be released over the next six months.
Shah told Lowpass that the company’s Metaverse team has been working on improving Horizon Worlds over the past year. “When consumers come to Horizon, we want to make sure they can find lots of compelling content from day one, including with some of the studios we partner with,” he said.

In addition to creating an improved version of the platform, the Horizon team also appears to have developed a mobile app. They should have finished building one a year ago, but were not satisfied with the results so they decided to rebuild. Super Rumble will be one of the first titles available when the mobile app is released, and Shah said it will feature cross-platform play.

A cross-platform capable mobile app can help Meta reach new audiences who can’t or aren’t interested enough to buy a VR headset. The company’s VR business unit, Reality Labs, has listed the price as $3.Operating loss of $7 billion in Q2 2023. In total, the division has lost $21 billion since the beginning of 2022 and had to cut several projects last year. A mobile app can make Horizon Worlds more accessible, which can help increase revenue.


Shah team is also working on other enhancements to the VR platform, including investing in general AI tools for creativity. The idea is to give more creators the ability to build new worlds even if they don’t know how to use professional 3D tools.He didn’t tell Lowpass when the mobile app or overall AI tools will be available, so we’ll have to wait for their official announcement.

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