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“SAFE Towers: Assessing Their Impact on Founder-Friendly Funding Models in a Changing Market”


The popularity of SAFE Towers, which stands for Simple Contracts for Future Equity,  has raised questions about whether they truly live up to being founder-friendly. While they do offer advantages for founders, there are aspects of this transaction structure that have raised concerns among some entrepreneurs.

One potential downside of SAFE rounds is the lack of clarity in a company’s valuation from the start.

This ambiguity could lead founders to unintentionally give away more capital than they had initially intended .

As a result, investors might end up with a larger share of equity than the founder realizes, potentially impacting the company’s growth and the existing founding team.

Some founders worry about a cluttered cap table, where numerous investors participate in a startup.

While this may not be a major concern in the current market, it could become problematic in a slower and more demanding investment climate.

Additionally, despite the seemingly straightforward nature of SAFE transactions, they can still contain side letters and investor protections, some of which might not favor founders.




SAFE rounds create a less formal and looser bond between founders and investors.

While this may be advantageous when things are going well, it could become challenging if the startup faces difficulties, as investors may not feel obliged to provide assistance.

The argument that founders can’t determine the value of their startup without earnings is questioned, as valuation is often based on investor perception and market demand rather than strict scientific evidence.

The standardized market lacks a universal formula for valuation, and the rate at which a buyer is willing to purchase shares takes precedence over other factors like earnings or the founder’s background.

While SAFEs have gained popularity, some skeptics question whether they are genuinely more founder-friendly than other funding structures.

The advantages they offer come with certain risks and complexities that founders must carefully consider.

In the end, the effectiveness of SAFE Towers for founders remains a subject of ongoing discussion.

As the market continues to evolve, entrepreneurs and investors alike must weigh the pros and cons of various funding models to determine the best fit for their specific needs and goals.

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